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Estimating Attorney Fees in Florida - Ft Lauderdale

Estimating Divorce Attorney Fees and Costs

Normally during economic downturn, some stats show that the number of divorces went down, and people said that this was because most couples do not want to spend for a divorce in the tight fiscal atmosphere. Yes, divorce can be quite costly. To help you with estimating the attorney fees and Lawyer costs, Fistel Law Group has prepared this article on Divorce

  • The Manner Matters

Attorney’s fees and costs can vary depending on what manner the divorce will proceed. For a couple who cooperate and do not need a lot of legal consultation, the total divorce costs can be just under $2,500. For a mediated divorce, attorney’s fees could be around $7,000 total. Litigated divorce proceedings, meanwhile, can range from $10,000 to $100,000.

  • Period of Service Matters

Attorney’s costs and fees will go higher the longer the divorce proceedings take, as per hour costs, research and related fees, documents preparation and review fees, and even court appearance and representation fees pile up. This is why most couples still prefer going through an uncontested divorce, which minimizes the length of time that a divorce lawyer is needed.

  • Other Costs

In divorce cases, attorney’s fees and costs do not just cover those mentioned above. They can also charge you for transportation expenses, for when they have to go on location to research or obtain documents from sources outside of their city or state base of operation. Some lawyers also charge their clients for every phone call or email, in varying increments and rates, so it is advised to consolidate all questions and concerns before contacting these lawyers and to keep these kinds of communication at a minimum. The lawyer can also charge for the costs of filing the divorce documents and other miscellaneous charges.

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