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When Can I Request a Modification of a Child Support Order?

Modifications to a child support order can be temporary or permanent, depending on the case. There are many reasons that act as justification to request modification of a child support order, among them:

  • Decrease in income of a parent paying support

  • Increase of income of a parent receiving support

  • Medical emergency of either a parent or a child

  • Cost of living increase

  • Bankruptcy

  • Child custody and visitation.

The goal is clear, to help our clients promptly establish, modify or enforce appropriate child custody and visitation arrangements so that they can rebuild their lives in a manner that minimizes any potential negative impact to children.

Alimony or Spousal Support Awards – In Florida, courts have very broad discretion to tailor support awards to each family’s needs. Several factors Florida courts may consider when awarding alimony are:


  • Length of the marriage

  • Age and the physical and emotional condition of both parties

  • Financial resources of both parties

  • Each parties’ earning capacity and skills

  • Each party’s contribution to the marriage including child rearing and assisting in the career building of the other party

  • Standard of living during the marriage

Types of Alimony in Florida

Florida now recognizes several different types of alimony, including:

  • Permanent alimony - normally reserved for long-term marriages of more than 17 years

  • Rehabilitative alimony - where one spouse may wish to finish his or her education or job training in order to be more employable

  • Temporary alimony - a non-permanent award during divorce proceedings

  • Durational alimony - which may be awarded monthly for a period of time no longer than the length of the marriage

  • Bridge-the-gap or transitional alimony - a short-term solution which can allow one spouse the opportunity to financially transition from married to single life

  • Lump sum alimony - which may be awarded from the proceeds of the division of sale of property

Domestic Violence Injunctions

Domestic Violence is a very serious issue that can affect a anyone’s life, regardless of gender or marital status. While domestic violence is most often seen between spouses or those involved or having been involved in intimate relationships, it can also occur against a parent, grandparent or child, or other family member. A friend, neighbor or acquaintance can also be involved in a domestic violence situation.

Whether you are the victim of an act of domestic violence or have a reasonable belief that you are in imminent danger of becoming a victim of domestic violence – seeking immediate help is vital. Additionally, you may need to file a domestic violence injunction.

Divorce and Family Law


Ending a relationship can have far-reaching and complicated consequences that weren’t anticipated. A wide variety of issues will most likely need to be resolved. It’s essential to protect your interests throughout this process by utilizing a knowledgeable family law attorney. Based in the Fort Lauderdale area, the skilled family law attorneys at Fistel Law Group take your case seriously. We assist individuals through matters such as divorce, division of property, modifications of court orders, child custody and support, etc. We will evaluate your case and explore the details of your unique situation to help devise a plan best suited to your goals.

Understandably the stress a divorce can bring to a family is intense and we are here to help. Whether you’re contemplating divorce, legal separation, or some other related matter, we’re available to guide you. We’ve assisted individuals with a number of issues, including:


Divorce in Florida
While no one marries with the intent to get a divorce, the divorce rate in the United States is still very high. According to statistics 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Whether marriage dissolution is contested or uncontested, the process is very difficult.

At Fistel Law Group, we handle a all types of divorce cases. Some of our services include:

  • Dissolution of Marriage

  • Divorce Property Distribution

  • Alimony

  • Alimony Modification

  • Paternity Actions

  • Timesharing and Custody Agreements

  • Timesharing Modifications because of a Parent Relocation

  • Child Support

  • Modification of Child Support

  • Orders of Protection Against Domestic Violence

  • Equitable distribution of marital assets and debts

  • Child support and time sharing

  • Child Custody

  • Spousal Support/Alimony and temporary support

  • Visitation

  • Tax issues

  • Relocation

  • The use and possession of the marital home

  • Parenting plans

  • Temporary attorney fees

  • Domestic Violence

  • Division of assets and debts

  • Grandparents Visitation Rights

  • Legal Paternity

  • Children’s Rights  

How Can A Divorce Attorney Help You?

If you need an experienced South Florida divorce attorney, we can also assist you through mediation or collaboration versus a time-consuming and costly court battle and potential trial. Our firm’s 25 years of experience and skill in family law and litigation allows our lawyers to negotiate on your behalf from a position of strength, which we have found influences the course of such negotiations. However, when all attempts at an amicable settlement fail, our experienced trial litigators will not hesitate to aggressively pursue your interests and rights in a court of law.

Child Support Guidelines

Our family law attorneys are familiar with every nuance of the child support guidelines and will make certain the amount of support you pay or are paid will be fair and equitable. Child support guidelines consider various matters, such as:

  • The needs of the child

  • The income of both parents

  • The contributions for day care expenses and health insurance.

The amount of overnight visitation also affects the level of child support. If a child spends more than 40 percent of his or her overnights with the noncustodial parent, the child support requirements will be reduced.

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