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Criminal Defense Law

If you have been arrested for any crime, it is very important that you clearly remember to exercise your constitutional rights. Your Miranda Rights include the following: You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Do not talk to law enforcement regardless of the police questioning you, speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you as quickly as possible after your arrest.

At the Fistel Law Group, PA., our criminal defense attorneys will professionally evaluate your case expeditiously and in complete privacy. Our lawyers are ready to provide you with aggressive representation.

Areas of Criminal Defense

• Battery / Rape

• Felony Crimes

• Assault / Assaults

• Theft / Larceny

• Robbery / Burglary

• Sales Tax Defense

• Marijuana Weed Pot

• Drug Trafficking

• Controlled Substances

• Cannabis Cultivation

• Cocaine Coke Speed

• Adderall Laws

• Misdemeanors

• Sealing of Records

• Bar Grievances

• Drug Possession

• Student Arrests

• DUI Defense / DWI Arrests

• Criminal Acts

• Petty Offenses

• Intent to Distribute

• Violation of Probation

• Narcotics Defense

• Ecstasy / MDMA

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